Lunar Martech develops efficient and customized solutions for all market participants. These are based either on existing components or completely individual development requirements and are implemented faster and more reliably than with any other supplier.

Our specializations

Our team hast more than 150 years of experience in the AdTech and MarTech industries and we help our clients to increase sales, optimize work processes and generate more returns from their marketing investments. We are specialized in:

META DSPs, SSPs and more
We combine the used technologies of all channels such as programmatic, search, social and any more on one platform. In addition to the aggregation of data and KPIs, we enable the centralized control, steering, and optimization of all technologies so that our customers can significantly increase their efficiency as well as improve their turnover rate. In other words, we give back complete control over all media spendings - independent of service providers, vendors or channels.

Workflow optimization
We develop tailor-made tools such as centralized deal management, external BI calculations and reporting/analysis platforms in order to optimize internal work processes and significantly increase employee efficiency. Unnecessary work is avoided, and the employees of our customers can fully concentrate on their day-to-day business. And, best of all, all solutions can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively on our existing modular component system.

Development Extension
We support the development teams of our customers and develop code or modules based on individual requirements that can be quickly and easily integrated into the existing infrastructure. We are extremely flexible in the respective implementation, either on a project or monthly basis in combination with our own or your team leaders - all at an exceptional price-performance ratio. In this way, our customers manage to remain innovative and competitive.

But that´s not enough…

We concentrate 100% on your individual needs and develop solutions of all kinds for a wide range of applications. Our product areas cover nearly all product areas of the AdTech and Martech industry:

Analytics and Dashboarding

Create your own analysis systems and custom dashboards.

API Connect

Close the gap between different systems.

Ad Safety

Find solutions for ad fraud, malware, and other ad safety issues.


Analyze and optimize your customer journey data.

Customer Management Platform (CMP) and Data Management Platform (DMP)

Aggregate and use your data to target your audience more exactly.

Data Science

Find patterns and relationships for better business decisions.

A.I. and Machine Learning

Discover the possibilities of self-learning algorithms.

Meta DSP

Optimize and monitor your campaigns across multiple DSPs.

Meta SSP and Header Bidding

Optimize and monitor your portfolio simultaneously across multiple SSPs.

Targeting Solutions

Develop a next-generation target group and re-targeting system.

UI and UX Design

Develop individual user interfaces based on your own requirements.

Yield Management

Maximize your total revenues.

Our solutions approach

We ground our development philosophy firmly upon the following cornerstones


This method ensures that your solution remains flexible in the future, components can be exchanged or added at any time


Based on our cloud-based solutions, we guarantee scalability that can grow with your business development.


From employee to management - we challenge your project and ideas together to achieve the best possible result

Result-driven approach

Thanks to our modular components, solutions can be implemented quickly, efficiently and reliably in terms of budget and time